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Our Core Values

At TSSG, our mission is to help companies and professionals modernize their approach to sales and create sustainable organic growth. We work with business owners and salespeople who are looking to improve their skills and grow their organizations in the digital world.

Embrace Change

Change is the heartbeat of progress. We don't just adapt to change; we eagerly embrace it. When we change we find new opportunities to innovate, learn, and grow. We thrive in dynamic environments, seeing them as perfect grounds for creative solutions and endless possibilities.

Deliver Wow

We believe in the power of exceeding expectations. When we say we'll deliver, we want our clients to say "Wow". Wow is our mantra, and it drives everything we do. We are dedicated to creating memorable, exceptional experiences. Excellence is not a goal; it's a standard.

Stronger Together

The collective strength of our team far exceeds the sum of its individual members. We foster a culture of collaboration and trust. We know that when we work together, we achieve more, faster, and with greater impact. And we know that we work with our clients, not for them. 

Dig Deeper

Surface-level thinking has no place at TSSG. We dig deeper to uncover insights, challenge assumptions, and unlock hidden potential. We value intellectual curiosity, critical thinking, and a thirst for knowledge. When we dig deeper, we uncover the most creative and applicable solutions.


Grow with TSSG

200 +

Happy Customers

50 +

Projects Done

20 +

Years Experience

15 +

Awards Won


20+ Years of Experience in In-Home Sales

Chris has trained thousands of sales people in multiple different industries over the last 20 years. He is an award winning sales rep and was Generac's 2022 Compass Award recipient. Over the last 5 years, Chris has specialized in building and developing successful teams for Generator and HVAC sales organizations. 


Your TSSG Crew

CEO & Founder

Chris Stilwell

Chris, as our founder and head coach, works with clients to help build and implement better sales teams. With more than 20 years in sales, he knows the ins and outs of what makes salespeople successful. Chris is our education expert and keeps the team on the button with the freshest new content, enabling us to embrace change. He is a giant sneaker head, and if you ever catch him NOT wearing Jordans, your first training session is on us.

VP Marketing

Dan Baum

Dan comes from the world of digital marketing and is our resident HubSpot expert. He helps our clients create more efficient and automated systems to optimize their sales processes. Dan helps us deliver WOW by thinking outside the box so we can provide the most value possible to our clients. We can't get him to do anything past 6pm because he has sports 6 nights a week and is probably on a field or court somewhere trying to tear it up.

VP Operations

Gary Vasas

Gary is the mechanic and engineer of the TSSG operation. When something needs doing, he's the guy to figure it out. With a ton of experience in project management and operations, Gary embodies "stronger together" by keeping everyone on track with deadlines and tasks. Gary is the kickball guru of the group, and even though he can figure out pretty much anything, he just can't seem to teach the rest of us how to pitch or place a kick as well as he can. 

CFO: Chief Fuzziness Officer


Kite is our team mascot and you'll often see him bopping around the office distracting everyone with his Corgi fuzziness and waddle-walk. He was named after Kite from Hunter x Hunter and is the best digger on the team. He is our constant reminder to dig deeper with everything that we do for our clients, and also to keep the office stocked with chew toys.


We're Here for You

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